Aug 21, 2014 Thursday

Non Directive Coaching - a Teaser

7:30p.m. to 10:00p.m.
l'Espace de Quartier des Eaux-Vives (Call: 076 385 07 26)
Rue de Montchoisy 46 (Reference Elie)
1207 Genève CH

This short class will introduce you to the concept of non directive coaching – an extremely powerful way to help others find their own path in making important decisions about their lives. Coaching is an enabler - we'll show you how you can help others find the answers they themselves know already! Using open questions and active listening, coaching helps people work through options when faced with making difficult choices or changing habits. This technique is widely used globally by leaders to help their coaches (employees) be at their best. The class will provide you an overview of the process as well as some basic tips on how to approach non-directive coaching conversations. As a participant, we ask you to think about one problem/situation/habit that you'd like to be coached on. We will be looking for volunteers and if you are willing - we may call upon you for a live demonstration!

Bring one of the following:
A problem/situation/habit you'd like to be coached on
Bring me your will to do things differently than you have before
Did I mention - the promise to actively listen?
Stories - any story where coaching has helped you or some one you know
The solemn pledge that you will actively listen to your coachee

About the teacher, Shaje Ganny

Ale and Shaje both live in Geneva and work for one of the big multi nationals. They share a passion for public speaking and lifelong learning; concepts which they apply in their work and private life. With respect to nondirective coaching, Shaje is a certified corporate trainer and regularly conducts coaching classes at work. Ale is an experienced coach and will bring real life experience and understanding to the session.