Nov 1, 2016 Tuesday
l'Espace de Quartier Secheron (basement / sous-sol), Reference : Marie Claire
Avenue Blanc 7, basement / sous-sol (Call 078 721 94 19)
Genève CH

This time, we'll learn how to make pasta with fresh pesto & crostata as desert! Pasta with fresh made Pesto and Crostata as desert. Ingredients for Pesto : 50 g basil fresh ; 2 spoons olive oil extravergine! ; Parmiggiano Reggiano graped 6 spoons ; Pecorino sardo 2 spoons ; Garlic two cloves ; Pine nuts 2 spoons ; Salt ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// For the Crostata dough: 300 g flour ; 100 g sugar ; 100 g butter ; 15 g east ; 1 lemon to peel ; 2 eggs ; to stuff the dough bring fruit jam or Nutella! (two should be enough). ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Also bring as always your best smile, your curiosity, an apron to protect your clothes and see you at 19.30 in the kitchen! Also bring wine or beer if you wish to drink so, I'll bring some good pasta for the pesto !

Bring one of the following:
Brind the ingredients ! (we will split ingredients between the participants after the class)

About the teacher, Ilaria di Resta

I’m passionate about good food and good eating! I have grown up in a city where mom and grandma were always “creating” something nice for family and friends’ meals. A place where to cook is part of your everyday life and cooking for others is the way to be together and love is shared also preparing your favoring dish. With this background I have traveled the world always sharing my love for food and cocking with new friends! Cooking for me is not only preparing food that is having people around, while preparing and eating is talking about life, really the meeting point!