May 22, 2018 Tuesday
Espace de Quartier Sécheron (1st floor / étage) Reference Elie
Avenue Blanc 7, 1st floor / étage (call 076 385 07 26)
1202 Genève CH

The Healing method that Mrs Denise Kos practice, was created by the Irish Bob Moore in the 70s. It is based on energy movement work, breathing and conscious meditation practice with positive effects on relaxation, stress reduction and energy strengthening. This technique is aimed at anyone interested in personal development. Healing is practiced individually or in groups. No specific equipment or clothing is required. The method is practiced sitting on a chair. Even in groups, everyone works individually. The relaxing and energizing effects are immediate. Each participant performs the exercises, meditations and visualizations at his own pace. However, group work amplifies the power and possibilities for change and transformation of each individual. Meditation in a group, for example, is one of the most powerful ways to change consciousness.

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About the teacher, Denise Kos

About the speaker, Denise Kos: Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Mrs Kos has lived in Switzerland for 18 years. An architect by training, she holds a master’s degree in finance and more than 25 years of experience in the banking sector. Passionate about human nature, motivation, sensitivity and behaviour, she began dedicating herself to Healing in 2000. She then felt the importance of listening to the body and paying attention to the signals it communicates. Since 2006, she has trained with Logos Centro in Brazil and Europe to practice Healing not only for herself but also for others. About the organizer: Nassiba Cherif. After an intense career in banking and teaching and a burn-out, I became aware of the importance of taking care of health, since I devote part of my time to helping people to become aware of the importance of health to have a better quality of life. To do this, I work with a network of health and nutrition professionals.