Feb 28, 2017 Tuesday
Espace de Quartier Sécheron (1st floor / étage) Reference Elie
Avenue Blanc 7, 1st floor / étage (call 076 385 07 26)
1202 Genève CH

Is Immortality a blessing or a curse? Destiny of the human race or manipulation of an epic scale? For sure it is big business. Today the anti-aging industry generates more than $80 billion per year. All this despite the fact that there are no proven ways of extending human lifespan. But do we really want to live in the same body with the same set of biases and prejudices eternally? Or is it simply a primitive fear of death? If you have been asking yourself similar questions join us for a friendly exchange between likeminded people. It is not an ordinary class with a teacher as everyone is welcome to speak (or not) and there is no plan for the evening. It is always great fun and very inspirational event !

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A house by the ocean

About the teacher, Alexander & Elie

Alexander Senchenko is an Author, Motivator, Speaker, Coach and Trainer. He has been asking the Big question: “who am I?”, since he was young. For the last 25 years he has been extensively researching and seeking the truth about inherent powers of human beings. On this journey he blends reason with intuition, science with ancient practices, in an effort to broaden his understanding of the world. Alexander is driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for unlimited abilities. His work reflects his passion for exploring how people can use the latest scientific findings and selected ancient practices to expand those potentials.