May 23, 2018 Wednesday

Film: Thank You For Calling

7:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.
l'Espace de Quartier des Eaux-Vives (Call: 076 385 07 26)
Rue de Montchoisy 46 (Reference Elie)
1207 Genève CH

Mobile phones have quickly established themselves as an irreplaceable communication tool. Is it possible that despite its rapid spread, it is causing cancer? ‘Thank You For Calling’ is looking for serious and scientific evidence of potential health risks and why this research has not arrived in public perception directly. Based on facts, insiders and protagonists, the film reconstructs a large-scale concealment tactic of the mobile communications industry. Do you have a cell phone? Yes? Watch ‘Thank You For Calling’ (English/French subtitles) with us. Trailer:

Bring one of the following:
Organic fruits & vegetables
Organic honey
Organic soap
Organic tea

About the teacher, Franziska, Patricia, Ingrid

We enjoyed the film a few months ago and think it is well made and highly relevant. Therefore, we invite you to watch this film with us and discuss solutions.