Mar 11, 2015 Wednesday

DNA: who controls who

6:30p.m. to 8:30p.m.
Université de Genève / Uni Mail - Room M4220
Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve 40, 4th floor, room M4220 - (right side from tram stop entrance) (Call 078 721 94 19 or 078 605 81 52 if not responding)
Genève CH

• What spontaneous remission really means and how to heal ourselves from any dis-ease (including terminal ones) using our DNA, our consciousness and the energy of Love. • Can I slow down or stop and even reverse my body from aging – new tools that are available to humanity in the new energy; • Current rate of utilization of our DNA and means of improving; • What it takes to activate my DNA and why do I want to do it; • DNA – a Divine tool that manifests our power to create reality.

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About the teacher, Alexander & Elie

Alexander Senchenko is an Author, Motivator, Speaker, Coach and Trainer. He has been asking the Big question: “who am I?”, since he was young. For the last 25 years he has been extensively researching and seeking the truth about inherent powers of human beings. On this journey he blends reason with intuition, science with ancient practices, in an effort to broaden his understanding of the world. Alexander is driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for unlimited abilities. His work reflects his passion for exploring how people can use the latest scientific findings and selected ancient practices to expand those potentials.