Sep 30, 2014 Tuesday
l'Espace de Quartier Secheron (basement / sous-sol), Reference : Céline
Avenue Blanc 7, basement / sous-sol (Call 078 605 81 52)
Genève CH

We do many things with the body, but how we can help it to enjoy the dance? This workshop is for you if you love dancing (or would love to), but do believe that you don’t “know how” or need some special skills to burn the floor. Well, it might be you don’t know, but your body definitely knows. I invite you to connect with the body and movement itself and let them teach us. We will use a few simple practices that will let us explore different aspects of the natural movement and how our body feels within them. We will try out elements of different dance styles and daily life gestures; we will reflect on movement and what makes it to be dance; and we will have fun and keep calm. The workshop is the chance to reflect our communication with body and how body awareness can help our creativity, energy balance and confidence to grow. Lived through the joy of dance, they become our partners for life.

Bring one of the following:
any Frey chocolate with nuts
harmonica marine lesson
help with small upcycling design project to make it bigger
help with women clothes photo-shoot (photography, make up, modeling)
neck and shoulders massage
silk second-hand clothing that can be used for upcycling design

About the teacher, Anastasiya

I used to run various projects related to well-being, personal development, video editing and design, which are all united by creative consuming approach. Creative consuming deals with limited resources of material and unlimited resources of imagination, transforming what is given to what is possible. DANCE THE BODY in particular is approach to movement that I used educating myself as amateur of dance, not particularly skillful one. With time my research was first confirmed by some knowledge from professionals and later, with the enthusiasm, with which others would join me on the floor. I realized then that rather than shrugging my shoulders as response to “you dance very well”, I should share the way that took me there. I used to run workshops on creativity and personal development, so I use dance elements themselves as well as exercises to increase awareness to make inspiration of the movement accessible for everyone in a playful and fun way.