Jun 14, 2016 Tuesday
Espace Quartier Sécheron (sous-sol)
Avenue Blanc 7, basement / sous-sol (call 078 721 94 19)
Genève CH

Spring time is time of eggplants (aubergines) and fresh desert! What is better than a light version of Parmigiana and a tiramisu?!? Choose some of the ingredients below or all of them as you wish! Bring the following to make Parmigiana: 3 eggplants 4 times 1 tomato can 4 times 1 basil bundle 2 times 1 mozzarella or provola 4 times 1 piece of parmigiano chees to grate 3 or 4 baking pan “disposable” You will also need: olive oil, salt and pepper …but I can bring those for everybody. Bring also a box to bring your parmigiana at home back home if you wish so! Bring the following to make tiramisu: Mascarpone 250 g 4 times Savoiardi chokies 200 g 3 times Sugar 300 g 6 eggs 2 times Coffee 8 cups (I’ll bring this!) Marsala or rum ☺ + wine for the dinner at the end ! Finally do not forget to bring also your smile and curiosity and an apron to protect your clothes! We will work hard! ☺

Bring one of the following:
Aporter les ingrédients (on va s'organiser une semaine avant le cours pour se répartir les courses entre élèves)
Bring ingredients (we will coordinate a week before the class with all the students!)

About the teacher, Ilaria di Resta

I’m passionate about good food and good eating! I have grown up in a city where mom and grandma were always “creating” something nice for family and friends’ meals. A place where to cook is part of your everyday life and cooking for others is the way to be together and love is shared also preparing your favoring dish. With this background I have traveled the world always sharing my love for food and cocking with new friends! Cooking for me is not only preparing food that is having people around, while preparing and eating is talking about life, really the meeting point!