Jun 28, 2016 Tuesday
l'Espace de Quartier Secheron (kitchen/cuisine, basement)
Avenue Blanc 7, (kitchen/cuisine, basement)
Genève CH

It is time to cook and enjoy! (let's make the most of the break from the EURO, just before the quarter-finals). Be part of a fun evening full of flavours and deep emotional exploration using our senses of taste, smell and touch. We will inquire into our eating habits with games and group activities. Most importantly, we will be preparing a delicious meal which we will enjoy all together. You will go home with new ideas for your own daily cooking, new insights into your life as well as new friendships. We will cook a contemporary Swiss vegetarian meal: Goat's cheese crostini, spinach spaetzli with crazy tomatoes and strawberry ice cream. We will distribute the ingredients among participants some days before the date. Please also bring your favourite recipe. We are looking forward to sharing this evening with you, so above all we would love that you bring yourself fully. If you have any questions you may contact us by e-mail: irina@lagourmerina.com or phone: 0764086882.

Bring one of the following:
1/2 train ticket for one facilitator: Geneva - Zurich
1/2 train ticket for the facilitators: Zürich - Geneva
ingredients for the meal (these will be split between participants a few days before the course)
photographic skills and camera for portraying this event

About the teacher, Irina Simonett & Ana Monica Costa

Irina Simonett : Irina is a psychologist based in Zurich. She is deeply interested in supporting people to reestablish confidence in themselves, releasing creativity blocks and in building meaningful relationships. As a nutritionist and passionate gourmet, she assists people in finding pleasure in cooking and in eating by sharing her knowledge and facilitating cooking workshops. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Monica Antunes : Monica is a nutrition scientist, and a mindfulness trainer. Passionately committed to integrative health and resilience, she investigates how to integrate our inner values in active lifestyles. She finds joy in supporting people on their own journey to living healthier and happier.