Oct 27, 2015 Tuesday

Coaching: Build your resilience

6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.
Espace de Quartier Sécheron (1st floor / étage) Reference Marie Claire
Avenue Blanc 7, 1st floor / étage (call 078 721 94 19)
1202 Genève CH

Introduction to BUILD YOUR RESILIENCE​ provides you an assessment of your current resilience, the understanding and knowledge​ about resilience and the tools that you may apply right away to sharpen ​your resilience ability​. You will be doing 2-3 hands-on practices with reflection and group sharing. Is it for me? If the following statements resonate​ with you, this may be just right for you!​ Why not spend 1.5 hours to​ learn something new and​ find out for yourself? -you feel overwhelmed by the many things you need to do in a day, -you are currently just 'coping' from day to day, thinking there must be other ways to manage, -you are looking for ways and means of prioritizing your time and energy, -you want to slow down to spend time on and take care of yourself, -you want a better work/life balance and to find ways of being more effective at work, -you feel you are stuck in one place and want to get back on track with confidence but don't know HOW, -you want to be more res​​ilient and increase your capacity to take on more challenges.​

Bring one of the following:
3 pads of colourful post-it
a book about resilience, self-empowerment or life purpose
your evaluation and feedback of the teaching content and manner
your implementation of your take away for a week after the class
your willingness to explore yourself and share generously with others

About the teacher, Cindy Rosset

Cindy Rosset, a Trainer, Coach and Facilitator for RESILIENCE BUILDING.​ She specializes in building and sharpening the ability to transform a set back into a moving forward momentum. She brings the motivation and the learning opportunities to increase personal confidence, fulfilment and effectiveness through awareness, self-empowerment, creativity and compassion. Her approach is strength based, starting from a belief in the abundance of oneself and build on the necessary knowledge and tools to become more resilient and thriving throughout one's lives.