Apr 1, 2014 Tuesday
l'Espace de Quartier Secheron (1er floor / étage)
Avenue Blanc 7, 1er floor / étage (call 078 721 94 19)
1202 Geneve CH

Everyone wants to be heard; to have their ideas and feelings genuinely listened to. But so often we neglect this simple everyday practice. Does the following type of conversation sound familiar to you? Person A: ‘It has been such a long time since I had a break, I really feel like going to the beach on the weekend’ Person B: ‘Yeah I love going to the beach, in fact I go to the beach every weekend, I just love the beach. The best beach I have ever been to was in the Maldives, the sand was so white, I loved it…..’ In this workshop we will reflect on the act of listening and learn a few simple techniques to enhance our listening skills. Practicing active listening can enrich all your relationships whether with your partner, kids, friends, colleagues or people on the bus! Being properly heard makes people feel understood and respected and can make for a more harmonious environment for everyone. By demonstrating active listening every time you have a conversation you will likely find that people learn to actively listen to you too!

Bring one of the following:
A post workshop email with at least one story of how actively listening was practiced and what happened
Any spare fruit or vegetables you have growing in your garden or other bio fruit or vegetables
French language exchange over a cup of tea
Joyful participation
Willingness to think with your heart in the workshop

About the teacher, Clare

I am a 30 year old Australian living in Coppet. I lived and worked in Asia for around eight years before moving to Switzerland. I have taught active listening to many teachers as part of values education programs in Islamic schools in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Being an active listener is an ongoing challenge but a very worthy one. I have found it has enriched my personal and professional relationships, prevented misunderstanding and brought more smiles into my life!