Mar 10, 2015 Tuesday
l'Espace de Quartier Secheron (basement / sous-sol), Reference : Céline
Avenue Blanc 7, basement / sous-sol (Call 078 605 81 52)
Genève CH

Most people think Turkish cuisine is all about kebabs and meat dishes but you would be surprised by the variety of vegetarian specialties of the home cooking culture in this country. I'm dedicating this cooking workshop to my mum (obviously the best cook ever to me), with whom I spent countless hours on Skype and else to get my cooking skills up to where they are now. If you are eager to discover new tastes and surprise your family & friends with new recipes, then bring your apron and your good mood! Let's cook, chat and have a meal together! Et je parle français aussi donc les francophones curieux sont plus que bienvenus! :)

Bring one of the following:
A book you really enjoyed reading
Body oil
LED bike lights
Organic vegetables
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About the teacher, Ronay

I'm a Turkish (well, in case you haven't guessed that before), living in Geneva since a decade now (time flies!). After many years spent in multi-national companies, I now work for an organisation that rewards people for their sustainable and eco-friendly actions (oh yes, that suits me better). And yes, I do love cooking, I do love mountains that surround us, meeting new people, hearing their stories…