Trade School Edinburgh is a space where communities can come together, make friends, bounce ideas off each other and even collaborate on projects.

Why barter?

We believe in the power of people and their communities, and bartering is a great way to cultivate the resources right on our doorsteps! Trade School Edinburgh is unique because it’s rooted in the barter system - teachers come up with a wish list of items and students who attend will bring along the items requested. Bartering is a great way for teachers to further their craft and may also provide opportunities for teachers to request items that may otherwise be tricky to obtain, for instance, feedback from participants on a particular aspect of their work, fundraising tips or volunteer time. Bartering is also a great way for students to show their interest in a class, thank a teacher for giving their time to teach and also for bringing new opportunities, ideas or experiences to a group.

Can I become a teacher?

Yes! Anyone can pitch an idea or a class. Each of us are full of knowledge, skills, and experiences. The best teachers are those with a bit of passion and enthusiasm.

What are some examples of classes?

Trade School runs classes all over the world: they can give you a good idea what people are sharing.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
How to grow food in the city
Children's book writing, and how to be an editor
Making usable websites
How to create a self-contained wormery composter
How to change the world
Cyanotype Workshop / Let's make prints with Sunlight
Tunnel book workshop (victorian-style 3D scenery)
Open Poetry Workshop
An introduction to Basic Cycle Maintenance
You versus photography
How to read between the lines. Textual analysis masterclass.
Knitting for Beginners
Dancing the Irish Way
Willow Lantern Making
Build a Bug Hotel
Revamping furniture

Do I have to pay for classes?

No. Instead of payment, all students are expected to bring one item on the teacher’s wish list to their class. When registering online, students will indicate what they will bring on the Trade School Edinburgh registration form.

Can I use Trade School for self promotion?

No. The key philosophy of Trade School is that classes are centred on teachers sharing particular skills, ideas or knowledge to a keen group of learners rather than as an avenue for self-promotion by the teachers and organisations involved. With this in mind, we will contact all teachers who are keen to be involved to make sure this is understood and we will also undertake strict checks to ensure this underlying principle of the school is not broken.

If you would like to teach a class, check out this page and fill out the form at the bottom!

Where can I get more information?

Check out our contact page for more information and where to sign up for updates.