Nov 11, 2014 Tuesday
Royal Dick, Summerhall
Summerhall Place
Edinburgh GB

Standing up in front of people and ‘teaching’ them can seem incredibly daunting. Do I have anything worth saying? Why are people here? Will I be boring? Will I make sense? Your internal dialogue can range from the existential to the practical and hopefully this class will help us recognise what we can contribute and how we can articulate it. Incredibly daunting things, when done, can become incredibly rewarding.

Bring one of the following:
Chocolate biscuits (especially homemade)
Your promise to bring a friend to the next class
Your promise to contribute to a future class

About the teacher, James Smith

I’ve been teaching at university and in the NGO sector since 1996, despite not being a natural (indeed my 18 year old self would find the idea of my 40 year old self doing so hilarious). What I’ve learnt is a few basic strategies to make lessons interesting, a realisation that we all have stuff to say, and that I’m not 18 years old anymore.