Jun 17, 2013 Monday
Scottish Historic Building Trust
Riddle's Court, 322 Lawnmarket
Edinburgh GB

So this class wouldn't be about 'hardcore' computer science (and it wouldn't get too technical) it's more about how it all works. Most of you probably use a few impressive devices every day but don't know how it's all working. We'll be seeing whats going under all the pretty icons, see how computers, the internet and the technology surrounding them actually works.

Bring one of the following:
Anything you feel like
Back Massages or/and Scratching
Fun Ideas about Life and what to do with them1
Here's a long shot but if anyone has size 13 sandals that be awesome.
Information about Universities in Edinburgh (How the grades work,etc)
Vast quantities of Meat
Website Design Help

About the teacher, Charko Mangus

I am a traveler. Oddly enough, instead of traveling, I'm staying in Edinburgh. But just until I get all the Education, Comedy and Gold [When E+C+G=x Then Me=Travel] that I need and then I'm off to Japan. Hobbies include computes and writing and sometimes writing about computers on my computer's word processor.