Aug 10, 2013 Saturday
Meeting Point - Roseleaf Cafe
23/24 Sandport Place, Leith
Edinburgh GB

In 1974, French author Georges Perec attempted an experiment in writing that he entitled “An Attempt to Exhaust a Place in Paris.” Based on this and the work of the Real Life Fiction Project, we will attempt to do just this with Leith. The idea is fairly simple, although the task is impossible. ** The process - 1. We will meet in Leith (Perec chose Place Saint-Sulpice in Paris) 2. Observe and write in your notebook (or other mode of capture) to see if you can exhaust in writing all the physical detail around you. Perec wrote over the course of three days in an attempt to do this, making lists, counting, categorising. We will only have an afternoon, but will do our best to capture it all. 3. Compile and share our field notes. ** Of course it is impossible to truly exhaust in writing the content of any space. Especially since that content is ever-changing. What Perec did in his field notes was to find a poetic manner of list-writing that allowed his text to capture the rhythms of his chosen space. Anything is fair game in this exercise, just write what you see. ** When we are done, we will compile and publish our field notes (and photos) as they are, as material written on the fly. It will be interesting to have others observe and attempt to exhaust in writing the same place. Then we will compare field notes and see how wildly different they are. Everyone will have their own selection process, noting certain elements, ignoring others. And perhaps this says something about you, or about the things you’re looking for. ** We will meet at the Roseleaf Cafe in Leith and depending on weather, will go from there. Bring your notebook, camera, sketchbook, laptop, dog, bike, good sense of humour or any other tool you think would help the process! ** Read more about the Real Life Fiction Project here -

Bring one of the following:
Help planning my garden
Mixed CDs
Your favourite book

About the teacher, Johanna Holtan