Nov 21, 2015 Saturday
Tribe Porty
19 Windsor Place
Portobello, Edinburgh GB

Do you doodle? Or believe you haven’t a creative bone in you body? Obsessed with adult colouring books? Answers to any or none questions of these qualify you for this 1 hour workshop! Come along and learn a brief history of the ancient art of Mandala making. Experience for yourself the calming and joyful affects of making your very own Mandalas, free hand. Warning: it can be addictive… Please bring you preferred drawing tool (pencil(s) and/or black marker /fine-line pen) – inspiration provided!

Bring one of the following:
Advice and wisdoms
Homegrown goods / homemade preserves
Therapies of other types
Website support
Words from the heart (a poem, story, special memory)

About the teacher, Eugenia Twomey

Eugenia has a life long enthusiasm for seeing and doing which has invariably inspired her playing and making. At the moment she supports students to create and make with technology, but secretly she remains in love with the analogue world of paper and pencils, hands and faces. As teacher, art maker, and passionate communicator Eugenia seeks to rediscover the lost worlds where we are all curators in the galleries of our life.