Jan 27, 2015 Tuesday
Tribe Porty
19 Windsor Place
Portobello, Edinburgh GB

You like a glass of Italian wine but you don’t know much about it? Knowing a bit of the history and context of the wine can make it more enjoyable. This class will introduce you to different Italian wine producing regions, wine making techniques and grape varieties. You will learn a bit about wine tasting and you will have the chance to drink some wine and discuss it in a relaxed environment.

Bring one of the following:
Attending a Centre of African Studies seminar: www.cas.ed.ac.uk
Homemade banana loaf
Inviting me to your Trade school class!
Small donation to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation: http://orangutan.or.id/splash.html

About the teacher, Barbara Bompani

Barbara is an academic at the University of Edinburgh in the Centre of African Studies. A native Italian, she has been a wine lover for 30 years (they start drinking wine early in Italy!)