Jun 14, 2014 Saturday

Postponed- Jazz up your chair

10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
Tribe Porty
19 Windsor Place
Portobello, Edinburgh GB

Jazz up your chair is a day course on the first steps of furniture restoration and decoration. Marcin Krupa with the assistance of Federica Lucia Vinella will show the basics on how to recover an old wooden chair by scraping, sanding and etching by pyrography. It is required to bring your own chair (must be wooden), sanding paper (grades 150,240, possibly 360), furniture wax or wood dye and some ideas or sketches of what you would like to add as a final decorative touch. This one will be eventually applied by etching onto wood. As the tasks can be dusty and physically engaging, we suggest the applicants to wear comfortable stretchy clothes. The day will be divided as follows: 10am-12pm: intro and scraping 12pm-1pm: lunch break 1pm-2pm: sanding and finishing 2pm-4pm: decoration of the wood by etching or possibly painting. If you don't feel confident enough when drawing/etching, you can always bring with you some paint and customise your chair with a bit of funk! (best to use Annie Sloan Paint, though any acrylic/oil based paint can do the job).

Bring one of the following:
any present you'd love to gift us
carrot cake (vegetarian)
one of your favourite book/ cd
paint brushes
wooden small/medium furniture

About the teacher, Federica

We are a couple of artists working on salvaged furniture and transforming these into one off artistic pieces of interior design. We are based in Edinburgh and work on commission based projects as well as selling through Casa Morada interiors.