Jan 7, 2017 Saturday
Tribe Porty
19 Windsor Place
Portobello, Edinburgh GB

James Abell "tradigital" futuristic artist/designer will help you Create Cities Of The Imagination. If you are an artist, designer, illustrator or general "visionary communicator" you will find this workshop of great benefit. It will stretch your visual imaginations and the skills that you need to create your city for your creative projects. You can use anything from paper and pencil, card, Plasticine up to 3D graphics (you can bring your own laptop and the software of choice includes the free animation software Blender). He will also show you how to setup a 3D print if you want your cities to be 3D prints. He will also show you how he made some of his own latest "Cities Of The Imagination" Creations including some posters and a 3D printed model kit. He has taught this workshop many times in Montreal Canada, Iceland, London and Scotland and attendees always enjoy it. Sign up today, come dream and then create on the 7th of January 1pm to 4pm. Check out his website www.jamesabellart.com for more information.

Bring one of the following:
Any types of fruit/vegetables (organic is always nice, if not normal is ok)
brown pasta
brown rice
Cans of Tuna
sage herbs

About the teacher, James Abell

I grew up in North Norfolk, England. I always made things, took toys apart, drew and enjoyed the outdoors. After graduating in Interior Design, Edinburgh College Of Art in 1999, I went into 3d computer graphics visualisation. I was never entirely satisfied with only creating things on a 2d screen, so I returned to drawing and regularly making real objects, in turn, I started to mix this again with 3d graphics to utilise the best of both medias. Recently, I completed art residencies in Montreal, Canada EchoFab FabLab and also the London FabLab where I learned to integrate 3d printing, laser cutting and adding interactivity with arduinos into my artwork. I balance my own artwork with training/transferring my knowledge to others and giving them inspiration.