Apr 7, 2013 Sunday
Matthews Yard
1 Matthews Yard
London GB

In this current financial climate more people than ever are needing to find ways to make money. What used to be ways of making money for extras are now methods of survival for many. Direct selling companies, like AVON, Pampered Chef and Betterware can offer fantastic opportunities to make money and claim that it is possible to build a business and earn enough to make a decent living. These claims can seem too good to be true for those who have tried and only made a little commission from family and friends. However, there are people out there living very comfortably off these businesses. I know, I've met them and I'm on my way to being one of them. In this session, I will explain the principles and ideas adopted by those who have built very successful businesses indirect selling and network marketing, often out of absolutely nothing and how I've been applying them to the start of my own business with AVON. This session comes with no guarantees that anything I say will make you rich but I will promise to give you some inspiration, ideas and tools to get you started with. The rest is hard work but I hope I'll show you it can be worth it.

Bring one of the following:
a bottle of red wine that comes highly recommended by you
a piece of art of anything hand made
a surprise
interesting stationary
vegetarian recipes from around the world, especially Africa

About the teacher, Sarah Milne

I have been making money from my creativity for many years, including working as a photographer, a writer and, more rercently, as a designer maker of stitch art, custom dolls and 'rage books,