Feb 1, 2013 Friday

Fashion Design

4:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.
Matthews Yard
1 Matthews Yard
London GB

This class is intended to make you an actor of the clothes you wear by teaching you how to come up with fashion designs for the Autumn-Winter 2013 Collection of Holy Cherry. You will be learning how to gather your ideas by creating style panels, choose the materials and finally make some prototypes. During the class you can decide to look at what others do or be involved and have a go! You will also have the opportunity to learn some knitting and crochet and sewing techniques.(either you are a beginner or an expert). Bring some fashion magazines, knitting and crochet needles or patterns as well as wool if you have some. Otherwise don't worry it will be provided! NB: This class might be taught over several sessions. Holy Cherry is an Ethical and Ecological Fashion brand. Ecological (and cruelty-free) because the materials used have had a minimal impact (if at all) on the planet during the making process and do not hurt anyone or any animals during their making process. Ethical because it puts human being first. We employ 4 women in vulnerable situations and with AIDS in Zambia but also by teaching consumers how to question what they buy and turn them into consum-actors.

Bring one of the following:
A big nicely decorated box
A C.S. Lewis book
A non-leather women wallet
Any book you thought was worth reading
Any books or advice on social enterprise.
Any Lavera products(Holland and Barrett, lipbalm £3.50).
Any organic herbal tea
Any second hand size 8 clothes
Anything handmade
Anything homemade (if cooked please vegan :)
Be taught about setting up a business in the UK or business skills(marketing, website etc)
Be taught pilates.
Organic dried beans/brown rice/oat/seeds

About the teacher, Cerise Edwards (Cherry)

I am a fashion lover but above all I love the people and the planet so cannot imagine a fashion that would not be ethical and ecological! That's why I started Holy Cherry, an ethical and ecological fashion brand which employs vulnerable women in Zambia. I have taught them how to crochet and knit and would be delighted to have you involved in the fashion design process! Please visit the website and follow us on facebook! Cherry.