Jul 6, 2013 Saturday
Matthews Yard
1 Matthews Yard
London GB

Hi there! What I cover ~ Optional hardware & software additions that make things easier for you ~ Where to get free and legal software instruments & tools to help in your productions ~ Where to get free and legal audio samples to use in your productions ~ How to setup your laptop and turn it into a miniature, mobile studio ~ How to take a track from musical idea to tangible reality (with an existing track example) ~ Some production tips and tricks used by the pros ~ Reverse engineering some popular sounds and showing you how they do it ~ Introduction to the FX routing ~ Introduction to audio synthesis and sound design ~ Introduction to automation ~ A little about sharing and promoting your stuff online Appeals to: ~ People with a musical background who want to produce some of their own compositions electronically ~ People without a musical background but with a passion for music and a willingness to learn! ~ Beginner producers who want to sharpen their skills or try a new workflow/DAW ~ People interested in getting a look 'behind the scenes' of modern electronic music Prerequisites: ~ You need a reasonably decent laptop running either Windows or Mac, and a few gigs of hard drive space ~ You need to be willing to embrace the technological aspects of this thing. This is a class on electronic music, not acoustic music!

Bring one of the following:
A long sleeved shirt, size L or bigger
A mixtape (cd, memory stick) of the 8 most meaningful songs in your life right now
A painting, illustration or a piece of artwork you've made
A tin of mackerel
Some beans/grounds of your favourite coffee
Some sort of alcoholic beverage that originated in the far east
Something with an owl on it

About the teacher, Jack Oughton

I'm a freelancer. I do lots of stuff.