Apr 9, 2013 Tuesday

Conquer Sugar Cravings

1:00p.m. to 2:00p.m.
Matthews Yard
1 Matthews Yard
London GB

Are you... Relatively healthy but still at the mercy of sugar? Experiencing cravings that you constantly fight to keep your figure? Exercising A LOT so you can justify your sweet tooth and keep trim? Do you often experience... Hunger that comes on strong all of a sudden? Energy crashes? The desperate need for sweet? (& doing the odd strange thing for it) Basically that is how I used to feel and the problem is sugar, whether it's in your tea, your 'healthy' pack of dried fruit, your yoghurt or your tomato pasta sauce. It's bad for your health, causes mood swings, restless sleep, weight gain and wrinkles! This trade school is to give you an insight into what I've learnt overcoming a sugar addiction and give you some of the best quick tips and strategies to help you start getting in control. I will cover roughly the following: 1) the worst sugar culprits and what to stop and start eating 2) how to start gradually weaning yourself off 3) how much sugar you should be aiming for in your diet 4) why fat isn't as bad as we've been lead to think 5) Any Q&A!

Bring one of the following:
A bottle of dry white wine
A box of interesting herbal tea
A hour of business expertise that might benefit a solo entrepreneur
An hour of personal training

About the teacher, Laura

Laura Thomas is passionate about getting in control of sugar consumption and helping others with a life changing diet change. Working and living in London she was always feeling the need for sweet, until it got too much and she decided to experiment with cutting sugar out. She now blogs at Happy Sugar Habits learning everything there is to know about sugar, the body and how to free yourself within the limits of your lifestyle.