Currently, Trade School isn’t based out of just one space. We would like classes to be self organized by the teachers and expand to different locations throughout Berlin. If you would like to teach a class you can have a look at the suggestions for spaces or else suggest your own! Classes can be held anywhere as long as the space is accessable and upholds our Space Agreement. 

Space Agreement:

__All people are welcome to Trade School, creating a safe space that supports anti-oppression, values rigor, and promotes generosity. Trade School is about relationships of trust and mutual aid: the voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit. As organizers of Trade School, we aim to create a space of respect anywhere TS classes are hosted. This may mean developing community agreements within the space that intentionally dismantle the structures of oppression that marginalize some, and divide us all. These may include racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, transphobia, xenophobia, religious discrimination, ageism, and ableism, sizeism, among others. Without these intentions Trade School can’t really be open to all.

__I will collaborate and cooperate. I understand that individual freedoms are not above our collective safety, well-being, and ability to function cooperatively; individual freedom without responsibility to the community is not how we relate. I want to be part of a group that is based on shared power and the inherent value of every person. I will take responsibility for gathering the initial group and calling people together, but I will work towards sharing power for a decentralized, horizontal group.

__I will make space for sharing ideas and information, not for advertising. I will NOT allow teachers to promote a product, a business, or the exploitation of other people. Trade School exists to help more people share skills, ideas, and resources- not to promote brands, companies, or exploitation. Trade School is not about getting rich- it’s about mutual aid. I will not allow brands to dominate Trade School. Sponsor or partner logos or names will not appear on the homepage. I will create a separate page dedicated to your sponsors (if necessary), and link to the page. Anywhere it appears, the sponsor’s logo will be smaller than the Trade School logo.

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