Oct 9, 2013 Wednesday

The class will consist of the analysis of historical socio-cultural events which are commonly viewed as expressions of 'extremism' and will, through this dialogical analysis, lead to a re-definition of terms such as 'extremist', 'political' and 'radical'. Basis for this analysis will be Marshall Rosenberg's concept of Nonviolent Communication, which will be introduced during the class. After this basic introduction to the analysis of performative expressions of convictions, participants of the class will engage in the personal exploration of their own subjective convictions and will, collectively, develop ideas on personal performances situated within the 'Everyday'. Throughout the class there will be the possibility to engage in an open dialogue on issues emerging within the class.

Bring one of the following:
'good' book
colour pencil
fountain pen
handmade subjective map of a town
plant seeds

About the teacher, Jeannette Petrik

Jeannette Petrik considers design as an opportunity for public empowerment and skill sharing, as a tool for everyday political engagement. Behind the production and consumption of objects lies a fundamentally subjective use value, be it of a cultural, ideological, political or other personal nature. This, she explores through her practice as a researcher, designer and writer. She recently graduated from the Master course Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven.