get involved

there are four ways that you can be a part of trade school singapore. i. teach. if you have a skill or an idea that you would like to share with the community, please feel free to approach us. at trade school singapore, we believe that passion makes for the greatest teacher and that learning doesn’t just fall within the realm of predictable academia. so whether your class is about film critique, gardening, internet hacking, or the basics of first aid, we’d love to hear from you. ii. participate. all students are expected to bring one item on the teacher’s wish list. when registering online, students will indicate what they’ll be bringing on the trade school singapore registration form. after that, the only other things needed are: a) an open mind, b) a big heart, c) respect, and d) keen eyes and ears (and sometimes hands and feet too). iii. volunteer. trade school singapore is run entirely by people investing their time and talent... for free! if you are a professional who would like to volunteer your skills, we would love to hear from you. we’re accepting help from accountants, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, chefs, legal professionals, etc. if you don’t have skills you’d like to share but would still like to be a part of our community, we appreciate the gift of your time and would love to hear from you too! we’re always on the lookout for runners. responsibilities include administrative duties, picking up class materials, class registration, banner painting, etc. iv. donate or sponsor. although classes don’t require any form of financial transactions, the day-to-day upkeep of trade school singapore does. we need funding for class materials, trade school singapore paraphernalia (e.g. pamphlets, badges, banners, etc.), water and light snacks for students and teachers, and general housekeeping (e.g. mops, soap, towels, etc.). any form of donation or sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.