Jun 16, 2012 Saturday
(Almost full)
block 8D #03-03/4, dempsey hill
singapore SG

When we see beautiful photos we sometimes do not realise that it could have taken the photographer many shots of the same subject to arrive at the final photo that he or she is happy with. Taking time to explore the subject matter (i.e. working the subject) in this age of digital photography is usually very rewarding. Being able to think and shoot from different angles and perspectives often results in better pictures. It could also produce photos that are different from the many similar photos other people have taken in various famous locations or scenes. This class is generally targeted at beginners and will focus on the thought process behind photo composition. There will also be a one-hour hands on session so please bring along any type of digital camera that you are comfortable with.

Bring one of the following:
A small contribution to any charity of your choice

About the teacher, Rodney Ee

A serious amateur photographer who has travelled extensively and is passionate about capturing memories of different cultures and landscapes all over the world.