Nov 1, 2013 Friday
a craft initiative
24 sin ming lane #08-108
singapore SG

ABOUT CLASS // Japanese traditional footwear, zori, being handed down its making process from generation to generation, is now receiving a spotlight again using recyclable fabrics such as cotton, polyester and most importantly your creative passion. this class aims to make a half-size zori, wearable within a house. Also, the fabrics brought by students will be mixed on the table so all can exchange freely like your blue to his red or vise versa, for example. MATERIALS TO BRING // 2 men’s t-shirts or 3 women’s t-shirts. If towels, 2 face or 1 bath/beach. Craft scissors.

Bring one of the following:
a pack of grounded coffee beans
baked muffins
feedback on website with some photos of you and your zori
make another pair for someone else
participation at trade school for another lesson

About the teacher, Shintaro Tokarin

This is what I can do to the community – Ultimately, it is an answer to a question when people ask what’s got me to start this workshop in and out of countries over the last 4 years. It’s that simple and one of the ways to express myself being a Japanese and also being playful with creative minds inside of me. Not only introducing zori as a hand-made item, I treasure the moment and the experience we all share over the table and there’s no border in it. This is my first visit to perform the workshop in Singapore and I’m particularly grateful to have the opportunity to meet you and have fun.