Nov 19, 2013 Tuesday

Moving Situations

10:30p.m. to 12:30a.m.
3 jalan kledek
singapore SG

ABOUT CLASS // Learning and/or re-learning how to move in ways that we have forgotten. This includes movement isolation exercises, games which focus on students’ movement response to different situations, and playing with different movement patterns. TO BRING // Just yourself, but please come dressed in comfortable clothing like you’re going to the gym or for a run – shorts and t-shirts – no shoes needed. Water, a gym towel, and a pen!

Bring one of the following:
An open mind
To check out after the class.
Willingness to try

About the teacher, Kai

I am crazy about movement. That means being able to move, control, manipulate and hold one's body in any position, and twisting, pushing, pulling, climbing, flipping, inverting, hanging, crawling, kicking, swinging, etc. I’ve been doing sports for most of my life – gymnastics, taekwondo, yoga, dance, Crossfit, rock-climbing etc. – but only found my passion for movement after discovering Ido Portal and his philosophy about movement in April this year. Ido’s philosophy is about being able to move well, as opposed to focussing on a particular discipline of movement (in other words, sports/activities). This has completely changed my perspective on fitness, health and what it means to live well. In no particular order, I love handstands, locomotion patterns, gymnastics rings, freshly baked scones, dark chocolate, good music, flowers, natural light, quiet places, blue skies, wide open spaces with grass, and bodies of water.