Dec 11, 2013 Wednesday

Light-Up Christmas Ornaments

10:30p.m. to 12:00a.m.
food for thought (sbg)
1 cluny road, botanic gardens, tanglin gate
singapore SG

ABOUT CLASS // Add a little spark to your Christmas ornaments by sewing an electrical circuit into them! This class will teach you how to sew a simple light-emitting diode circuit so that you can create a hanging ornament that lights up. MATERIALS TO BRING // Pencil, scissors, scrap paper.

Bring one of the following:
≥ 30 cm long rule (at least 30cm or longer)
≥ 50cm long rule (at least 50cm or longer)
An artwork
Donation made to any charity of your choice
Long screwdriver (slot/flat head or Phillips head)
Measuring tape (flexible kind for tailoring)
Pearl-headed pins
Send a photograph of your finished ornament hanging in your home to
Small binder clips

About the teacher, Pei Zhi / Sew Fun! @ Art Loft

Pei Zhi chanced upon e-textiles when Uyii agreed to offer her an internship (yay!) and then asked if she would like to experiment with combining electronics and textiles (what’s that?). Since then, she has fielded countless questions about how e-textiles are related to her degree in geography (she isn’t sure, but she did enjoy studying geography). At the moment, she is involved in Sew Fun! @ Art Loft, which is a collaboration between Uyii and Art Loft that seeks to create an space where the curious can explore new possibilities for textiles and share their knowledge with others.