Jun 20, 2012 Wednesday

Introduction To Typography

11:30p.m. to 1:00a.m.
3 Jalan Kledek
singapore SG

A calligraphy module influenced Steve Jobs to introduce proper fonts on all his products. He also made them easy for everyone to use. We are surrounded by text everyday but most of us do not quite realize the impact or emotional motivations well-set type have on us and our environment. This class is designed for everyone and seeks to familiarize attendees with the different classifications of fonts and how different fonts carry different personalities. We will also look at some simple tricks anyone can employ to facilitate their everyday communication.

Bring one of the following:
A handshake
A six pack
A very good secondhand book
A very well-designed magazine

About the teacher, Yong

Yong spent 4.5 years as a senior designer at Asylum where he crafted a wide spectrum of projects. During his stint at Asylum, his works have gone on to receive both local and international awards like the One Show and The Art Directors Club. His works have also been featured in numerous publications worldwide. He has since moved on to found Somewhere Else, an ideas-centered design studio. Largely focused on branding strategies and solutions; the studio is also well-versed in all facets of design from art direction, editorial design, environmental graphics to way finding systems.