Jun 12, 2012 Tuesday
(Almost full)

Imagination Aerobics

11:30p.m. to 1:30a.m.
block 8D #03-03/4, dempsey hill
singapore SG

Come prepared to sweat your mind out through a series of mind aerobics designed to encourage creativity. Everyone has the capacity to be creative, and it is certainly an aptitude that can be improved with practise. Participants in this class will engage in a variety of exercises that develop mental skills and habits of creative thinking. Some of these exercises are also tools that could be utilised in a creative work process, and some are games that provide opportunities for practising creativity. Immediate weight loss is not promised, but you might feel big headed after class. As some exercises leverage on the use of language, participants should be fluent in English.

Bring one of the following:
exercise(s) that stimulate(s) creativity
non-alchoholic drinks (for everyone to share after class)
snacks (for everyone to share after class)
well-taken photos of class

About the teacher, Hans Tan

Hans Tan is a designer and an educator. He is the founder of Hans Tan Studio, and teaches at the National University of Singapore. Having a penchant for design pedagogy, he has developed an imaginative thinking workshop that provides a novel approach to the design process based on generative deformations, use of language, and systematic reflection.