Dec 2, 2017 Saturday
(Almost full)
uob ability hub at the enabling village
20 lengkok bahru
singapore SG

learn how to draw your sign name during this class! you will also learn how to say 'hello' and 'thank you'

Bring one of the following:
practise signs regularly so you might be able to help the deaf community in future
promote deaf artscraftsy so more people will know about our workshops and products

About the teacher, mimi ng

mimi ng is a deaf social entrepreneur who is passionate about arts and crafts. she is an advocate for fellow hearing impaired artists who make their crafts for a living. promoting deaf talents through craft is her lifelong ambition and she is striving to provide sustainable income for the deaf craftsmen through networking, and at craft bazaars where their handmade crafts are sold. she also conducts craft workshops for the community to raise awareness of the deaf community.