Jun 16, 2012 Saturday

Friendship Bands 101

11:00p.m. to 1:00a.m.
block 8D #03-03/4, dempsey hill
singapore SG

in my bid to support my friends at trade school singapore i racked my brains as to what i could teach and suddenly recalled my old obsession with friendship bands. nostalgic memories of my elder sis, my mum and i tying friendship bands together - such good times. :) with this we now have a new class for me to impart to you the basics of friendship band tying. with your completed band you may give it to a friend as a sign of your unending friendship, as an arm/ankle candy to complement your outfit, for your car keys or even to hang on your wallets or bags ! around the house, you may use it to ensure you've tangle-free earphones or to even spice up your iphone charger cords or your dog's leash. WITH the basics of friendship band tying, the possibilities are endless ! :) PS: I'll be providing the strings for the class, just bring a clipboard and we're ready to go !

Bring one of the following:
archie comics (preferably double digest)
detailed world map (with cities)
earphones with noise cancellation
easy to read contemporary chinese book (this is on my bucket list)
harry potter & the philosopher's stone (2nd hand is fine)
kitschy notebook
lonely plant (USA) - 2nd hand is fine as long as reasonably updated edition
small indoor potted plant (for my office & bedroom)
vintage or REALLY UNIQUE Beer or Wine Glasses
vintage or REALLY UNIQUE photo frame
yummy fruit tarts

About the teacher, Tricia Christabel Tan

24, female. work in the zoo, bird park and night safari love traveling (especially south east asia) love reading (fiction mainly) love interesting prints, patterns and doodles think DAISO is the greatest shop EVER recently obsessed with pinterest, DIY crafts and ideas