Jun 7, 2012 Thursday
block 8D #03-03/4, dempsey hill
singapore SG

The world’s complicated. What with Greece needing a bailout, China slowing down, the US economy not able to get beyond 2nd gear... Singapore has our own economic issues – house prices getting higher, COE prices through the roof, wages not rising fast enough and calls to raise productivity... But what does this all mean for my family and what do I tell my kids? How do I even start?!? Fortunately we break this down into simple, digestible bits (stuff your kids can even tweet about). We even explain the principle of barter, which is what Trade School is about =) Find out what all this Economics mean and translate these into applicable financial literacy practices and skills. Learn about (i) choices & opportunity cost, (ii) savings, (iii) budgeting, (iv) setting financial goals, and the Economics for each. Find out about "financial" activities you can do together with your kid, and how you can teach them the stuff at home. Remember - Parents are the best teachers of money management to our children.

Bring one of the following:
1 hour of your time to test our ECONOPOLIS Mobile App beta in 3Q2012 (we’ll get in touch!)
Chinese Children’s book (used one is fine)
Pub Beer coasters (any brand – with YOUR autograph)
Starbucks VIA Italian Roast (12-sachet packs)
Working computer mouse

About the teacher, James Chia & Lynn Koh

James and Lynn are founders of Innervative Learning, a student learning company offering Economics, Financial Literacy and Communications courses for youths. We’re a young startup, recipient of the Action Committee for Entrepreneurship Startups Grant, supported by SPRING Singapore (one of only 11 firms funded out of 190 applicants - Yay!). We’re also developing ECONOPOLIS, a Mobile App to teach economics and financial management to 12-18 year olds via an interactive role-playing management game. About James: Before founding Innervative Learning, I spent almost a decade with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, as a portfolio manager and Deputy Director of Regional Development. I stepped out of corporate to regain control of my schedule and spend more time with my young family. I have an M.P.A. and a B.A. in Econs (Dean's List) from Cornell, and am an Associate Economics lecturer with SIM and a social enterprise volunteer with the Tsao Foundation. I am married with 2 girls, love reading, current affairs, financial markets, playing music, running, and am a long-suffering Tottenham supporter. About Lynn: I’ve always liked nurturing the younger generation. I’m taking time out of my consultant career at Ernst & Young to fulfil my dream, by starting Innervative Learning to empower youths with the skills to realize their dreams. Back at E&Y, I provided financial planning, investment advisory framework and investment portfolio management advice to banks, and am a master of the ‘framework’ approach to solutions. I am also a passionate trainer of finance to internal stakeholders. I used to be a portfolio manager at MAS. I taught at Fairfield Primary and gave free tuition to less privileged students. I have a Bachelors in Accountancy (1st class Hon, Dean’s List) from NTU and am a CFA holder.