Nov 26, 2013 Tuesday

Conversational Cantonese

10:30p.m. to 12:30a.m.
3 jalan kledek
singapore SG

ABOUT CLASS // Whether you're going to Hong Kong for a short trip or planning to pick up a cool dialect for fun, the class will help you with understanding basic cantonese phrases and most commonly used words. Pronunciations will be aided with english! Also, I'll be including a little game so you won't get bored. :)

Bring one of the following:
a box of raspberries
a copy of old/past issue of kinfolk
a kripsy kreme donut :D
a list of cafes in Singapore with good wifi
a nice pair of shoe laces for my sneakers collection! LOL

About the teacher, Laila Lu

I'm a digital marketer by day and fashion blogger by night. I am a Hong Kong-er who's been in Singapore for 15 years. If I'm not writing or baking, I can probably be found at some dodgy Karaoke studio singing to the latest cantonese hits (most often off tune).