Dec 10, 2013 Tuesday
(Almost full)

Bookbinding 101

10:30p.m. to 12:30a.m.
3 jalan kledek
singapore SG

ABOUT CLASS // Pamphlet sewing is perhaps one of the oldest and easiest way of binding a book. By threading 2 sections of paper and cover together in a figure of eight sewing pattern, a simple and elegant book is completed! MATERIALS TO BRING // a steel rule + a pen knife + cutting mat (of a3 size).

Bring one of the following:
a professional head and shoulder massage
bring a really old book to me to repair
collaborate on an architecture x sketching x photography project in 2014
contribute at least $20 to a local charity
practise thai language with me

About the teacher, Ian / The Thistle Bindery

The Thistle Bindery is a traditional craft-oriented art practice set up by Ian Tan after his first encounter with the craft in the literature city of Edinburgh. Inspired to know more about the myriad of book forms that guard literary secrets, he trained with a master bookbinder to learn a range of book structures that represents the zeitgeist of book appreciation across different time periods and cultures.