Jun 8, 2012 Friday

Beginner Street Magic (Hands On)

6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.
block 8D #03-03/4, dempsey hill
singapore SG

Before David Blaine popularise (and coined the term) "street magic" there was close-up magic. At that time, knowledge of the secrets behind magic was only available to the privileged few. In recent years, especially after the rise of youtube, one can learn magic tricks everywhere. However, there did not seemed to be an increase of performer. People tend to spend their money on tricks and do not perform them, not even for their loved ones. In this class, you will be taught two to three simple tricks that you will be able to perform immediately, and you will go onto the street to perform for a stranger. The focus of the class will be on performance instead of tricks or theories. Topics like approaching confidence, and managing the energy level of your spectator will be touched on.

Bring one of the following:
A surprise
Job-search help
Passion and curiosity
Photos/ Videos of the class
Suggestion for improvement/ Feedbacks
Support (for peers)

About the teacher, Raymond Yeh

Raymond is one of the members of a local street magician group. Magicians from the group tend meet up over the weekends to perform street magic for strangers in town (for free). His specialty is in the art of performing, however he is also known for his skills in hypnotism and mentalism.