Nov 12, 2013 Tuesday

Beatboxing for Beginners

10:30p.m. to 12:30a.m.
3 jalan kledek
singapore SG

ABOUT CLASS // Students will be taught the basics of beatboxing systematically using a unique method which breaks down techniques into simple yet cumulative steps; they will also be introduced to integral beatboxing technicalities including rhythm and flow, gain exposure to different genres of beatboxing, and learn a number of intermediate sound effects. MATERIALS TO BRING // Yourself, drinking water (stay hydrated!), bucketloads of enthusiasm.

Bring one of the following:
Awesome café recommendations
Mishka snapback
Music album by your favourite artiste
The funniest joke you've ever heard
Tips on playing fingerstyle guitar

About the teacher, Kai

Kai is a semi-professional beatboxer and a cappella singer. He began his foray into beatboxing in 2007, and was self-taught, never undergoing formal training. He has since performed, competed, and taught beatboxing at a number of venues and events both national and international, including the International A Cappella festival 2012, Bugis Fashion Show 2013, and his own solo show at the esplanade concourse. Kai has also been involved in a cappella music since 2008, having formed, arranged for, and directed a number of groups with outstanding achievements in their respective fields. He is currently a tenor, baritone, and resident vocal percussionist in local a cappella group Vocaluptuous, which has performed at numerous events including the National Day Parade, Singapore Grand Prix Formula 1 night race, and Pink Dot 2013. When not engaging in musical endeavours, Kai is an undergraduate student at the National University of Singapore pursuing a degree in medicine.