Nov 27, 2013 Wednesday
potato productions
298 river valley road
singapore SG

ABOUT CLASS // In this class, you will learn some basic mountaineering skills which are useful and practical not only in mountaineering but also in many other kinds of outdoor activities like rock climbing, ice climbing, canyoning etc. and even in our daily life. TOOLS TO BRING // Every student is to bring a rope/cord/string (any kind) of at least 1 meter long for them to use in the class.

Bring one of the following:
A bottle of sports drink (any kind)

About the teacher, Bian

Bian is a media analyst from Potato Productions. During his study in NTU he began to “fall in love” with outdoor activities like mountaineering, rock climbing etc. During his university time, he mainly went climbing in Malaysia and Indonesia and had climbed major high peaks in Southeast Asia. In recent years his interests gradually turned to high altitude alpine climbing in Sichuan, Tibet and Nepal etc.